Saturday, November 29, 2008

I got a brand new hair do!

I haven't really gotten my hair done since before I moved to St. George... Back in March!! I used to get my hair done at least once a month because I worked at a salon and I'd let them do whatever they wanted. I FINALLY got my hair done today and I'm SO excited! Carrie from Stylin' is amazing. She's not afraid to do what I want. I'm one of the rare people that actually wants what I say I want, so I rarely get it because hairdressers don't believe me. When I say I want something, I really do want it. I love it! I based the cut, and the lowlights on a picture I have of the lead singer of Paramore.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Going home for Thanksgiving

I'm going home for Thanksgiving today! Right now I'm at work, counting down the hours until I get to drive home. It's only an aproximation, due to the fact that I don't actually know what time I'll be allowed to go home. It could be at 7:00, it could be at 10:30. I hope it's the former since the drive home is just shy of four hours. I can't wait for the drive, though. I'm travelling alone, which I prefer because I can have the temperature, volume, and seat position any way I want. I've got my iPod charged and I'm ready to belt out my favorite songs. I'm stoked for roughly four days of family time and freedom. Originally I was going to be driving home tonight, having Thanksgiving with the fam, and then driving home sometime Friday, probably pretty late because they would want me to stay for as much of Bake Day (our family's favorite holiday, an alternative to horrific shopping on Black Friday) as possible. I was supposed to work on Saturday, but some angel decided that we should be closed. I don't know who they are, but I love them! It was hard to justify the time and expense for about a day and a half, especially since I went home last weekend too and came home for just two and a half days, but I was going to go anyway because I love my family, and because my life was threatened if I were to choose not to go ;).