Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glee-cap: Brtiney/Brittany

This was the most fantastic Glee episode thus far, completely trumping my original favorite episode, Laryngitis. I L.O.V.E. Brittany. She's always had excellent one-liners, and this episode was full of an overwhelmingly brilliant slew of them, but giving her complete thoughts together with her dancing and singing abilities created a bombshell, making me change my opinion of her from being mildly amused to sheer adoration. Her monologue about why she didn't want to sing Britney songs left me gasping for air from utterly awesome delight: "My name is also Britney Spears. My middle name is Susan, my last name is Pearce, that makes me Brittany S. Pearce: Britney Spears." Oh, the joy in my heart.

Some of the best Brittany one-liners from the night:
-"This room looks like the one on that space ship where I got probed." (Carl not reacting was the cherry on top.)
-"When I smile I'll look like an adult baby, but with boobs."
-"Finn can fly?"

Brittany attacked everything. I've never wanted to be anyone else so much in my life! She looked almost exactly like Britney Spears in the videos, it was uncanny. That snake almost went in her mouth and she didn't even react! She is such an amazing dancer, I'm glad they finally gave her the chance to shine and gave us the opportunity to witness her gloriousness. I wish I were as hot as her and that I could dance like that. And holy crap, those little kids in her fantasy rocked it! Also, I love it when SYTYD dancers are on the show. Sometimes they're hard to spot, but it's always such a joy to see them.

There were other things in the episode that I enjoyed as well as Brittany. For example, Emma's elation about the seemingly simple act of mixing the green grapes and the red grapes together in one bowl with Carl was adorable. "It was madness, sheer madness." And then John Stamos walked in and all of a sudden there he was, just like that. It was glorious.

I loved that almost all the Glee kids had perfectly white, shiny teeth like movie stars, except for Brittany, Artie, and Rachel, who prides herself on her star quality. Poor Artie. Another glorious one-liner from Brittany: "I was pretty sure Dr. Pepper was a dentist."

Kurt was a sassy little fire house in this episode. He's never had that much spunk or passion that he's voiced before, except for that one time when he called out Finn when they were going to be roommates. It was a little shocking, I'm not sure yet if it was in a good or a bad way.

I liked Brittany better as Britney than I liked Rachel. I thought she looked cute, though. It just wasn't her best style of music. She's definitely more of a balladeer :) (that word totally spell checked, in case you were wondering). You could tell she was uncomfortable with the dance moves, too. I'm not sure if Lea Michele just needed to loosen up or if they were having her act a little uptight on purpose because that's Rachel.

That creepy blogger guy's reaction to Rachel's school girl look was so awfully wrong it was fantastic. "What do you want for her? I'll give you anything. I'll give you my house. I'll kill my parents and I'll give you my house." I think I would have reacted the same way Finn did if I were faced with that in reality, walked away wide-eyed and terrified. I'm not even going to get into the HORROR Sue saw.

I was so embarrassed for Will with all the gimmicks he pulled to try to win Emma back. He was such a douchey ex-boyfriend in this episode. Boys, take note, copying the new guys' every move will just make you look like an idiot, and a scrambling idiot at that. But question, why does Terri get a spousal support check when she's the hag that wrecked their marriage? She is scary!

I think it's amusing, but frustrating, that they have singers guest star on Glee, but they don't sing. Josh Groban, hello?! And again with Britney Spears. At least they had Olivia Newton John sing on the show. But since Josh Groban is the reason I started watching Glee in the first place, I would like to see him sing when he guest stars.

I almost died when the football team started breaking out to "Stronger"! First, they got down to "All the Single Ladies" (which got me hooked on Glee to the point I could never look back), and then this. Sheer genius. I love Artie so much. He's probably my favorite. He's so preppy, but so gangster. He's always so hardcore in the songs he sings. And is it just me, or is Finn improving with his dancing? Last week when he tried out for the Cheerios was the highlight of my life. I feel like he's starting to hold his own. The best part was when Artie woke up: "Mmmmm. Britney."

It warmed my heart when Coach Bieste had change of heart about Finn and Artie being on the football team. I really like where her character is going. She doesn't creep me out like Coach Tanaka did. I think it was his form fitting spandex/rayon clothing and the fact that he was always sweaty. I wouldn't have dated him even if I weren't a germaphobe like Emma. But I am one, so maybe that's why I wouldn't. I'm not nearly at the level Emma is, though.

Did it weird out anyone else that Mr. Shue danced with his students in such a provocative number? I was a little worried about where that was heading. He totally creeped me out in this episode. He's sexier when he doesn't try to be. I have been really wondering what was intentional and what was just happenstance in the way the characters came off in this episode. I also wonder what the "Toxic" performance will do for the Glee Club, if anything. I did enjoy Mr. Shue's singing in the song, but it was still creepy. At least he acknowledged it later on. The cat calling from the blogger guy and the girl standing next to him made me laugh uncontrollably: "Mr. Shue, let me be your Britney." "Mr. Shue, I want your babies." And Sue's line was the best: "It's a Britney Spears sex riot!"

Okay, question: Carl or Mr. Shue? Who would you pick? I already love Carl. If I were Emma, I would totally choose him, especially after the way Will acted in this episode. I don't even care if Carl can sing or not. And not just because he's John Stamos, but if I remember correctly, he can sing (have mercy!).

One last thought about Mr. Shue's plot line this episode, I'm sorry Will, but it wasn't that you weren't good enough for Emma the way you were, it was that you weren't loyal to her...

I really liked the development of Rachel and Finn's relationship in this episode. Rachel worried me at first. She was a little too manipulative and unreasonable, and I realize she acted that way because of her insecurities, but it was awful. I appreciated that they grew stronger instead of just breaking up. I'm curious when they're going to bring to light the fact that Finn and Santana slept together and that Jesse and Rachel didn't. I miss Jesse. And what happened to Puck and Quinn's relationship? Puck never stays with anyone for very long and they rarely talk about his bouncing around. But he told her he loved her, that's not something I'm just going to forget. I'm glad that Finn shot Quinn down, even though it was awful of Rachel to test him like that. The way Finn looked at Rachel when she was singing to him was beautifully heartbreaking (I love Paramore), and the moment when he pushed through Brittany and Santana over to Rachel and walked down the hall holding her hand was so My So Called Life that I almost cried.

The writers and creators of Glee wanted to give Brittany her limelight, and they succeeded with flying colors. I'm a Brittany fan through and through. I hope they'll continue to showcase her talents in each episode to come. This show is pure brilliance. It's a show that encourages people accept themselves and others for who they are. It makes me want to be a better person. And it thoroughly entertains me in the process. There isn't anything else out there like it.